Why Q-Tech Tooling?

The difference that deliver Results…

How do you make your dream of Plastic true? With more than 20 years of experiences in the field of die and mould making, no one knows better than Q-Tech Tooling.

Our proprietary Accelerate Methodology starts with identifying specific market conditions to fuel a focused analysis of needs, expert design of a complete program, detailed implementation plan, and persistent follow-through with evaluation and support to assure the best results and outcomes. And every step is guided by knowledgeable sales, service, and client support staff.

Our Competency Model Framework revolutionizes Tool and Die making. It breaks successful performance into a specific set of related knowledge, skills and abilities. Our functional areas and competency models help identify gaps, define requirements, and provide specific guidance for precision and quality work.

As a technological leader, Q-Tech Tooling is committed to provide you with leading-edge, High Performance Products and Services.

Here are a few reasons Why Q-Tech…

Dedicated to Quality & Precision Work:

Quality is a way of life at Q-Tech Tooling. It believes quality is an ongoing process and is essentially achieved through a concoction of continuous improvement efforts and performance excellence.

For Q-Tech, quality is a sustained state which reflects in everything it does. With its goodwill and rapid advances in technology, it focuses on quality in every product, service and process. There is also a continuous interchange of best practices among all Q-Tech processes. It is this unquenchable thirst to strive for perfection in everything, which has helped Q-Tech deliver to its customer expectations and forge strong relationships with its customers.

A focused executive management and an aware employee base are at the heart of what drives the need for quality in Q-Tech. it’s ability to adapt to change, adopt new practices and inculcate a culture of standardization stimulates the overall efficiency of its quality initiatives. A centralized pool of experts ensures fast track implementation of systems that help maintain quality in every process. Their tools help them focus on process improvement, accountability, efficiency, and cost reduction. A strong culture of quality that prevails throughout the organisation, allows Q-Tech to deliver the highest quality products and meet customer expectations worldwide.

The Q-Tech Tooling manufacturing campus is headquartered in Bhosari, Pune.