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Q-Tech Tooling is a global solutions provider offering end-to-end design and manufacturing solutions to its customers, including product concept and product design, engineering, prototyping and tool manufacturing product, manufacturing, assembly and the production of integrated modules.

The Group’s business portfolio covers multiple areas of the Plastic value chain of several Automotive, Electrical, Energy, Oil & Gas, House Hold, Toy & Gaming and other industries. The service range includes:

  • Tool & Die Engineering
  • Plastic Moulds
  • Pressure Die Casting
  • Fixtures
  • Special Purpose Machines
  • Value added services

Tool & Die Engineering

At Q-Tech Tooling, our process begins with a partnership between our design and engineering team and the client. We continue to work with the customer every step of the way, from complete Simulation and Prototype to 3D Design and part production validation. With open communication, we obtain valuable feedback throughout our production process to ensure customized, precise tooling that meets all industry and customer standards while optimizing production processes.

Die Simulation

Utilizing the very latest innovative technology and software, our engineers perform simulations for successful tooling designs and material selections. Our Die Simulation process ensures that the production material, product geometry and tool process will withstand the rigors of the production process. Some examples of problem areas commonly addressed during Die Simulation are thinning, fracturing, compression, stretch, wrinkling, trim line optimization, spring back and spring back compensation.

Using leading-edge technology, our engineers perform simulations to validate tooling designs and part-material selections.


Our 3D CAD Modeling utilizes softwares to create complex product surfaces supporting Simulation and Design processes. Q-Tech can also ‘Reverse Engineer’ CAD model, detail components and part product geometry. Q-Tech also provides product design services in CAD, typically a service addressing product feasibility issues during the Simulation process. This technology allows us to test and validate the complete design before we ever begin manufacturing the tool. Q-Tech’s 3D CAD Modeling ensures the most efficient and total cost effective process of designing robust and production-ready Plastic Moulding Dies.

We are able to design and test even the most intricate dies to verify their effectiveness for your manufacturing process.


At Q-Tech Tooling, our Die Design services are backed by years of retained intellectual property and the latest technologies in order to assist clients with their custom die needs. Our latest software, along with custom created user functions, allows Walker to greatly reduce design lead time and ensure design accuracy. With experience in tooling all types of dies including blanking dies, progressive dies, our highly skilled designers and engineers can create processes for unique intricate tooling situations. Our Die Design services shorten lead times, maximize material utilization, eliminate waste, maximize production speeds, reduce maintenance and improve the overall quality of the part product and tooling.

Q-Tech Tooling serves a variety of industries with high precision Plastic Mould and tooling dies designed and constructed for maximum operational efficiency and minimum waste and maintenance.

Our design team includes engineers, designers and die makers with years of expertise in metal stamping tooling systems. We work closely with customers to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions to any tooling need.

Plastic Injection Mould

Pressure Die Casting

Q-tech has well-educated designers and people experienced in management. We used full set of technology in computer assistant designing, machining, analysis, reverse engineering and know well in standards for mould designing and manufacturing.

Through the perfect combination of innovative designs, excellent skills and advancing facilities, our permanent goal which is surpass customers’ expectation has been fulfilled.


Blow Mould

Value Added Services

Automation Machine