About Us

Welcome to Q-Tech Tooling:

Q-Tech Tooling is established in the year 2011. We are a leading Tool and Die Manufacturer and the Squad of Artistic Risk aker in India. We take pride in our ability to engineer high-precision; complex dies in a diversity of materials for all small, medium and large parts. We produce & deliver timely, without compromising the excellence of the engineering, machining or craftsmanship. Our employees are highly skilled, timely scalable with modern tooling innovation skills required for recent times manufacturing. We produce reliable machining components and tooling that reduces downtime and maximises production efficiency for manufacturers across industries. Thus, we say Q- Tech Tooling is a place, where “Engineering Meets Innovation”.

We are India’s very own Engineering company, having our manufacturing set up at Pune, serving several sectors including Automotive, Toy & Gaming, Electric Sector, Power & Battery, Oil & Gas, House Hold and many more. Q-Tech Tooling will use its strong base of metallurgical knowledge, design & engineering calibre and manufacturing expertise, to stay ahead for itself in these sectors. ‘Exploring & Expanding into New Vista’ will give Q-Tech Tooling a completely new growth perspective.

It will begin the transformation from “A Good Company into A Big Company”.

As we are growing with Engineering Innovations, our Vision is clear.

The Globe has to think, “Tooling means Q-Tech”.

Our Vision

Designing and Manufacturing mould for every product available on the earth.


Our Values

Committed towards Good Reputation and innovative, whereby its activities are managed and undertaken ethically, transparently.