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Q-Tech Tooling

Ideal for creating high strength components


Free advice and design support is offered to ensure your part is optimised for injection moulding. Mouldflow is also available.



From a few grams up to large mouldings of 1.5m2 we have the modern machines to meet your needs.



Our in-house toolroom offers you cost effective mould making. Established partnerships with UK and overseas toolmakers offers you maximum flexibility.


Why Q-Tech Tooling?

QTech Tooling is one of the leading product design and mould Manufacturer in India. With over 5 years of experience and constant innovation, we serve our customers with full turn key service, state-of-the art CAD/CAM technology, shortest lead time to meet or exceed customer’s requirements in product design.

Foundation & Many Certificate Since 2011-2017

Who We Work With?

Mold Designing

Mold Designing

Mold Manufacturing

Mold Manufacturing

Accelerate Methodology

There is an Obvious Motive for a Better Result-
“An Improved Approach”.

Every Organization is unique, so as their Dreams. A Businessman always pays the same passion, enthusiasm and integrity at every point of his Business. Does not matter, whether it is his first development or the nth assignment; any product he develops, he overflows with the parental emotion during every segment of the work progress. That is why we have developed a structured and comprehensive method to “Project Development”.

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Client Says

I have worked with Q-Tech Tooling on a variety of projects.Q-Tech brings an open mind to each project with a positive attitude to tailor their processes to meet my needs from tooling design to fixtures and bigs build.They work hard to make sure my needs are met with professional attitude,expertise,on time delivery and competitive pricing.

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Our History

Q-techTooling, was founded in 2011. specialize in designing and manufacture all kinds of Precise Plastic Moulds, PDC Moulds, Press Tool, Fixture Manufacturing ,  Precision-machining etc.

Q-tech  has well-educated designers and people experienced in management. We used full set of technology in computer assistant designing, machining and know well in standards for mould designing and manufacturing . Through the perfect combination of innovative designs, excellent skills and advancing facilities, our permanent goal which is surpass customers’ expectation has been fulfilled.

Q-tech  focuses on satisfying each customer’s demands in every sector of plastic world from automobile’s automatic advancing system, consumable electronic products, domestic appliance and industrial spare parts. So far, our company has provided numerous well-known enterprises at home with high-quality mould service.